The right solutions for all requirements

Our Interxion Team knows: data center providers are not chosen every day – and certainly not without thorough research. Regulatory stipulations, technical requirements for cabling, cooling and power supply, connectivity, and cloud access – all these aspects have to be taken into account.

The Digital Park Fechenheim supports you to meet your individual needs thanks to its comprehensive services and hence is the sustainable and secure home for your infrastructure.

colocation in cabinet, cage/suite or private room

cross connects secured by SLAs for secure data exchange

24/7 hands & eyes support

IP multi-homing for higher reliability and optimized traffic

We put your applications and systems in the fast lane

With Interxion, you can trust the physical security of your infrastructure, the performance of your systems and their 99.999 % availability – guaranteed through SLAs.

Located directly on the main data routes, our data centers provide multiple redundant infrastructure to meet all customer demands for reliability and performance. Of course, the new buildings in Fechenheim will also ensure redundant power supply and air conditioning (N+1 configuration). The Digital Park Fechenheim supports even the most demanding high-density configurations and is, therefore, the ideal basis for your AI projects and innovations.

Business continuity: we secure your business

From 24/7 monitoring and alarms for every critical system to incident and business continuity management, we follow recognized best practices and operate in full accordance with the current ITILv3 standard.

Ideal environment
  • SLAs for room temperature and humidity
  • N+1 cooling
  • cutting-edge water and smoke detection systems
Optimal processes
  • 99.999 % availability (secured by SLAs)
  • N+1 configuration for all critical systems
  • 24/7 operation and monitoring
  • high-density configurations
Volker Ludwig

Managing Director of Interxion Deutschland GmbH

Expanding the Neckermann site into the Digital Park Fechenheim will create Frankfurt’s largest data center under one roof.

This innovative large-scale project combines apparent opposites: the preservation of listed buildings, such as the architecturally valuable Eiermann building, and the construction of cutting-edge data centers to strengthen Frankfurt as a digital hub.

The security you need

We take care of the security of your data. Using state-of-the-art monitoring systems and optimized processes, our local service teams and our 24-hour European Customer Service Center (ECSC) ensure 24/7 operations.
Fire protection and air conditioning
  • smoke extraction systems in all customer rooms
  • argon-based gas fire suppression systems
  • fire protection walls (F90/F120)
  • redundant CRAC systems (at least N+1) per room
  • redundant cold water supply network
  • 24/7 monitoring of the entire infrastructure (cooling, CRAC, fire detectors, generators, UPS, etc.)

Multi-level security concept

The Digital Park Fechenheim is equipped with an ultra-modern, redundant security control center. Together with our second security center at our Düsseldorf campus, complete, mutual remote monitoring of both sites is possible.

Just as the existing Frankfurt Ostend campus, the entire Digital Park Fechenheim site is secured by permanent video surveillance (CCTV) and trained staff on site. We provide one central entrance, access barriers, contactless key cards, and biometric readers. And of course, you can add your own security system to your Suite or Private Room.

Save your IT space at the

Digital Park Fechenheim